The best way to predict the future is to create it!” -Abraham Lincoln

Who is ActionCOACH Shinjiru?

Shinjiru is Japanese for 'BELIEVE' and that is what we embrace every day at ActionCOACH.

We believe that everything is possible. We believe in the following:

  • A mission with a higher purpose
  • All of us can achieve greatness
  • To give more than we receive
  • We are all worthy of abundance in all aspects of life
  • To embrace failure for we are capable of more than we know
  • Finding the good in everyone
  • That with clarity of vision the road to success is always right there for us

What do you believe in?

Yes, business coaching will guide you with strategies for sales and marketing to bring significant growth quickly. We will help you create your plan for success, be an amazing leader with clarity in vision. Next, we will help you enhance the current systems and processes, while creating new ones so that you can handle significant growth in your business. That includes building an amazing team that is empowered to be successful every day so you do not have to do it all.

Again, what do you believe in? As the leader of any organization, it all starts with your beliefs, your vision for self and organization, how do you effectively communicate in order to influence others and articulate a vision that all will want to be a part of.

Do you have clarity in your beliefs? Your vision? What about goals and the road map to get there? As your Coach, we will help bring clarity in all the above and more. We do so through a four part process:

Awareness: Helping you see things about yourself, your organization and the market place.
Education: Providing the tools and resources in leadership, communication, strategic planning and management to so your team and you can be successful every day and stay ahead of the competition
Implementation: We help you then take that education, create a plan to implement the knowledge and guide you to the action plan, while staying by your side
Discipline: Holding you accountable, encouraging you to take responsibility for the goals and actions you commit to for growth and success

Are you ready to see clearly what your amazing future looks like and the road map that will get you and your team there?

We’d like to find out more about you, click below for a free session with ActionCOACH.